Bishopians Alumni Association
Mt. Marie,

Hey there fellow alumni,

As you may have heard by now, the Bishopians Alumni Association, in conjunction with other stakeholders of Bishop’s High School, is putting on the very first BHS Homecoming weekend from August 2nd to 4th of this year, 2019. And though plans are already moving quickly, we’re not yet in a position to give out all the details just yet.

However, to make certain that you’re kept in the loop when those details become available, please fill in the form to the right, (or to the bottom if you’re on your mobile phone) to be placed on our mailing list. Once you do, be on the lookout for emails that will contain information about what we’ll be doing for those three days, where we’ll be doing it and what you might be expected to wear (wink wink).

By the way, before you fill in the form, if you’re in doubt about what is considered your graduation year, we went ahead and created a short video to clarify what we mean. Please watch graduation year defined if this is not clear to you.

Thanks again fellow alumni, and bye for now.

Your President,
Brettney Romeo

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