Bishopians Alumni Association
Mt. Marie,

Hey there fellow alumni,

A new Bishopian Alumni Association board was voted in on April 12th, 2018. This new board has been charged with taking the alumni forward for the next 2-3 years. As part of this mission, we would like to compile a database of names, with class year, contact and other basic information, so that we can effectively communicate with you about the goings-on of the Association.

The form to the right, (or to the bottom if you’re on your mobile phone) is short, but once you fill it in, we’ll have what we consider to be the most pertinent information needed to start the building of a useful database of BHS alumni. Before you fill it in, however, please take a look at this short video to clarify what we define as your graduation year, as we’ve had some persistent questions about the exact definition.

Thanks again fellow alumni, and bye for now.

P.S. Could you do us a favor after or before filling the form out, by sharing this page online?

Your President,
Brettney Romeo

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